The Creative Mind Behind Cristo Noir

Fashion runs on faces. Eponymous brands rule luxury spaces long after their founders’ departure. Celebrity fashion seems to be the holy grail. So what happens when designers are faceless? Cristo Noir is an anonymous designer and creative director.

A breath of fresh air. Anonymous creators are behind more labels than you may think, beginning with the: Cristo Noir. Wanting to separate the designer’s look and personality from the brand, Cristo prioritizes fashion stand alone from the very beginning. Cristo Noir is a pseudonymous designer and creative director whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed as he uses censor bars to cover his face. His work explores the intersection between art, technology, and human connection.

The designer uses the color black (noir) to show simplicity and elegance. He is the master of black. His clothing is simple, stylish, and futuristic. The movement of tech-infused apparel is the main theme in Cristo’s work. His brand 12 Noir explores technology and comfort using black as the main color. Cristo has worked with many celebrities like Hella Sketchy, Crea Tyler, Sumner Stroh, Lana Scolaro, and Molly O Malia.

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